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About Elek Designs 

Custom Cabinet Painting

Elek Designs is locally owned and operated as well as licensed and insured.  We offer a complete sprayed finish using professional industrial coatings for factory like results.  


Our Process

Elek Designs offers a beautiful, durable sprayed finish with top of the line professional products.  Cabinet doors and drawers are removed and sprayed in shop. Boxes/frames are masked and sprayed in home. 

Kitchen Prep

Quality works begins with quality preparation. The first step in prepping kitchen cabinets is cleaning with a degreaser and denatured alcohol.  This ensures a clean surface rid of any contaminates. Next is a light scuff sand to promote proper adhesion.  Lastly is priming with a vinyl sealer primer to block bleed through. 


Sprayed Finish 

Elek Designs offers a complete sprayed finish using professional 2k wood coatings. 

On-Site  & Online Consultations

Elek designs offers both online and on - site estimates, Design consultations and samples doors are available upon request. 


The Finishing


Let Elek Designs take away the stress of renovating your kitchen, beautiful cabinets are only a spray away! 

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